Douglas, happy in the mountains
Torres del Paine, Chile (July)

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--glaciers, dogsled ride, mountain panoramas, guanacos & rheas, roasted lamb, Hard Rock Cafe in Tierra del Fuego

Traveled with Sherrie Lyons,
from graduate school:


a journey through the year with Douglas
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new rug from Turkey

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In Turkey: shopping for rugs in Istanbul, ballooning in Kappadocia, conference in Ankara (June-July)

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-- spice market, stunning beauty of Blue Mosque, history in Hagia Sophia, geological wonders & caves, caravan serai museum

Traveled with Gabor Zemplen, colleague from Budapest


me & Mom, exploring the "new" art of selfies

my father, 1924-2017

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my Uncle Jack, died Feb. 20

my Aunt Marge, age 95 & still

visiting my Aunt Joy in California--always lively, always a joy
PUBLICATIONS (highlights)

new book of old essays
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Teaser: The Biological Ironies of Transgender Debates

"The Naturalizing Error"

philosophy of science
co-authored with Alex Werth.
presented at IHSPSSB in July & biology teachers conference in November

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"Beyond the Consensus View"

on teaching the nature of science--why and how

Download & read.

"Crazy about Vitamins"

Sacred Bovines (Nov.)
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"From Snakebites to Serpentariums"

Sacred Bovines (May)
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"Is an Apple Living?"

Sacred Bovines (Aug.)
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"Does the Evidence Speak for Itself?"

Sacred Bovines (April)
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CLOSE TO NATURE (photos) -- See/Order 2018 calendar (!)

rhubarb-raspberry tarts -- local fresh fruits in September!

Farmer's Market glory...

...transformed into yellow squash parmesan

all chefed-up for Thanksigivng mashed potatoes

holiday cookies: cardamom; allspice & ginger; chocolate-mint; cranberry-orange-rosemary; walnut-basil

AND ...

the whole family gathered for remembering my dad

marshal at the March for Science, April 22: "Truth Matters"

nephew Isaiah, deep in soy--the new fermentation business

"breaking bread" with friends

Forager: Sarah Conezio
Photographer: Douglas

January 20th

 Letter on climate change: "Global security begins with local action."

Letter on holding climate-change deniers accountable

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"Little Haiti" from Michael Torke's Miami Grands

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