A wise man, once he hears the Way,
begins to practice right away.
A common man who hears the Way,
will heed it some, not every day.
A fool who hears just laughs out loud,
by which one knows the Way's endowed.

To quote old sayings:
"The path to enlightenment seems dim."
"The way ahead seems like regress."
"Easy solutions seem hard to find."
"Utmost virtue feels incomplete."
"Abundant virtue feels unrewarding."
"The backbone of virtue feels limp."
"Plain truths go unappreciated."
"Great talents go unrecognized."
"The perfect form has no shape."
"The perfect square has no corner."
"The perfect music has no sound."

The Way is hidden and without name,
yet brings fulfillment just the same.

© Douglas Allchin 2002