Twixt yea and nay,

how much difference to convey?
Twixt good and bad,
how much difference to be had?

Whom others fear
ought others fear.

How very vexing
it's all so perplexing!

Others revel in life,

celebrating and going places.
Still am I, and give no sign,
as if a newborn yet to smile.
—And I, I with nowhere to return.

Others have stuff, more than enough.
—While I, I have nothing.

A fool in deed, a fool indeed.

Others seem so clear,

while I, I seem so lost.
Others seem so alert,
while I, I seem so plain.

As nebulous as the ocean wide.
Adrift to every breath of wind.

While all seem busy toward some purpose,
I am plainly good for nothing.

Ah, to be unlike the masses!
To engulf nature whole

and be engulfed by her!

© Douglas Allchin 2002