A hoatzin, reminiscent of Archaeopteryx, now found only in upper Amazonia, where I visited in July.

 Travel albumthe furtive Uacari monkey forthcoming

--seasonal flooding, floating lodge, fabulous uacari monkeys (right) , parrots and parakeets, howlers, kingfishers, wattled currasow, skimmers, boat billed heron, and other delights of organic design

The Year in Images
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The Resistance continues.

 New house (to accomodate Libbie on one floor) --

Note our spacious guest suite for visitors
-- innaugurated by German colleague Dietmar Höttecke as we collaborated on a new paper about scientific literacy in the age of social media


me & Mom in her new assisted-living apartment

visiting my Aunt Marge in DC every few months -- 96 and still going strong with her 'Backyard Nature' column, museum visits, and gardening

[Aunt] Joy B. Osborne (1928-2018)

sister Joy & niece Amber, at the memorial in California in October

nephew Isaiah & partner Sarah at the Harrisburg farmers market.
Check out their vinegar/miso business
SACRED BOVINES continue for American Biology Teacher

"Fake News and Alternative Facts" (Science Con-Artists #2)
also presented at biology teachers conference in November
Download & read.

"The Politics of Biodiversity Speak"
Download & read.

Oxford Univ. Press

"Skin Color and the Nature of Science" [commentary]

Download & read.


introducing a special volume [in press] of case studies on Brazilian scientists -- student work from teaching there in 2015; presented at conference in Paraíba in August

...plus more coming soon on indigenous farming ("Science without Shiny Labs") and "From Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic to Ecological Hubris" ...plus writing on science & social justice, the naturalizing error in the science of human nature, and combining history and inquiry in teaching nature of science -- to be in print in 2019

Leaving behind a wonderful home

...saying farewell with friends at brunch

The new house, amid lots of trees

w/ a generously sized office/library

Pousada Uacari (Floating Lodge)

lots of parrots

the handsome capped heron

howler monkey

endangered wattled curassow. Hear its penetrating, haunting call here (Play #6, hear exchange btwn female and distant male.)

mother and baby pale-throated three-toed sloth

punk (cream-colored) woodpecker

black-faced squirrel monkeys

striated heron
CLOSE TO NATURE (color abstractions from Pt. Lobos, California)
AND ...

back to basics with a painting class -- mixing primary colors

The exercise was a still life, a step on the way to painting lichens.

antique Soumak rug
(arrived from Turkey)

Farewell to my 1997 Honda, faithful for 19 years

efforts on local zoning, eclipsed by a new prima-donna city council member

Visiting Brazil: Cibelle, Ana (conference host), Maria Elice (Sao Paulo host) -- all studied with Roberto Martins

... and at the Cervajaria Nacionale, S.P., with former-students-now-colleagues

savoring pomegranate tea from Turkey

sales of 2013 book continue

finding calm at the conservatory and Zen garden with Libbie